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FENDER 1966 MUSTANG with Body Mod.


Of the many guitars produced by Fender the Mustang was the small bodied electric with just two single coil pickups, two slide switches for those pickups and volume controls etc, very basic but a much. loved guitar played by many legends, these also record well and being quite light you can hang one of these around your neck all night long.

This one having dates from 1966 and parts of the same era such as pickups, shielding etc and the vlaue of the parts such as the neck/pickups/pots etc etc that's where the value is in this cool mustang.

Ok not 100 % original but definitely a players guitar, finish is 'Daphne blue' but look's more like baby blue and has been hand sanded to give it that aged feel.

The condition is still good, sounds very cool, plays well, rosewood fretboard is also excellend condition etc...and comes with a nice hard case...

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