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Strat's from the 70's are becoming more and more desirable as prices are rising and there being snapped up by players and smart collectors.  


This beautiful example is from 1975, 49 years ago, and comes with some case candy as can be seen in the pics.

Overall the finish is in pretty nice condition but does have a few belt buckle and road worn marks on the back.

This one also has it's original 3 way switch still in position and as such I think sounds fantastic.

All electrics as in pickups and pot's are original etc. The fretboard is a great maple board with black dot markers and the skunk stripe. 

The tuners are all original 'F' as well.

One great playing guitar so if your chasing a vintage Strat why not?. this is a great example.

So, overall an excellent example of a BLACKIE and very desirable indeed.

Highly recommended as prices are just going up and up on these.



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