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Here is another very cool Telecaster from 1978. This one is in black and features the Rosewood fretboard.


The Rosewood board Tele's are very desirable and are getting more and more expensive. This one has 1978 pots but the pickups are dated 1977.

The solder has been touched up on the pots but other than that it's all there. It's just gone through our luthiers hands and is now fully setup with the strings and the action and harmonics are all adjusted now.

Tuners are original 'F' type from the era and the frets are in good condition as well as the fretboard. Overall I would say this is one great Tele that's waiting just for you.!

The case is an aftermarket moulded type.

If your interested in the great Tele, just send me an email or give me a call.



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