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The GIBSON ES-345  is the big brother of the cheaper 335, the time it was seen that way, as time now show's ups the 335 has become the one to own.


But a 335 from around 1970/72 in australia will cost you even more now.

The 345's were stereo but many people took them to their local luthier to change the wiring, giving you  the equivalent 335 sound but at that cheaper price.

This one stamped 2 has nothing that we can see as blemishes etc, but when it left the factory at the time it might have a had a few marks/dings etc..? overall though it's in great condition and has been a recording guitar used at a local studio for many years.

Now it's time for it's new owner to love it.

The down sides are the bridge is an aftermarket chrome one and the case is a 'Gretsch case'.

Playing wise it has the 2 x patent number pickups, 2 x tone and 2 x volume knobs plus the selector switch for the 'varitone' options that it has. Pots and electrics are all original.

Fretboard  and frets are fine but do show wear etc, and the mop split inlays are in good condition. Tuners are original to the guitar.

Overall another very cool vintage Gibson from around 70 / 72 according to serial.



GIBSON ES-345 1970/72 CHERRY

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