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Every now and then we have a great and rare guitar come in and this is certainly one of those.

This beautiful Gibson ES-345 in the very very rare white finish is just something you dont see very day.

Photographed with it's two brothers you can see just how good they all look together.

This 345 is basically the same as that played by both Chris Isaac and Kieth Richards, although this is a custom shop model, but not to be dismissed.

All 3 of these Gibson guitars are quite unique in that they are all quite rare and not something you can find on a whim. The ES345 is such a cool guitar, it features a gold finish to it's hardware which has faded oh so nicely, it's also the stereo model and has the two output jacks. The fretboard is the very dark rosewood and has the split inlays made from mother of pearl.

The white finish has (or is) just starting to turn from that bright white to that beautiful creme, it also has about 3 yellowish marks from where it rested on a guitar stand.  The varitone switch is 6 position, and has two tone and two volume switches. It also has the Bigsby.

Being in itself a rarer model you can truly appreciate this fine instrument as well as the other two hollowbodies that we have available on the website.

Overall I would consider this in EXC. condition and comes with it's cert. and it's original case.



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