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Just in is the very nice and great sounding Vintage Gibson 74 Hummingbird.


This one has had a small surface crack which our luthier has now stabilised and says you won't have any future problems.

The fretboard is rosewood and has the nice mother of pearl inlays and is fully bound.

The headstock and tuners are all original and work very well. 

Overall the condition is very good and sound wise, this is the guitar you can use on stage, for recording or if you so inclined to use at home in your music room.

It does come with an aftermarket case but it is a nice case.

I can highly recommend this guitar and from what my luthier said, these new Hummingbirds in Australia are fetching around $7200 so as you can see considering it's a 1974 it's very well priced and a very desirable acoustic and not seen often here in Aus.



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