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One very cool les Paul Standard, 1989 GoldTop.


This is the 'prehistoric' version that Gibson made in the late 80's. Also one of these was known as the Showcase edition and there was also this edition as seen.

From what we've been able to research there were only some 300 to 400 +/_ made of these models in total, so again this is the 'rarer' model and as such not only a great guitar but again a desirable one to own.

The pickups are the P100's which were made with 2  x deeper magnets to both give them more output and to solve feedback issues that some of the P90'S had.

The neck has a small 'roundness' feel to it so it's quite easy to play.

The Gold finish on the top of the guitar is just starting to show some minor weather checking which some find very desirable as well. The fretboard is rosewood and has the diagonal MOP block inlays.

The pick-guard as photographed on the guitar is a re-issue one but the original one is with the guitar and it's had the corner re-glued to solve any issues. (see pics)

So, if your interested in this guitar give me a call or send us an email.

Condition is EXC+++ with original case with the thick pink lining.



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