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The Japanese have always made great copies of both Fender and Gibson guitars.


This Greco of course is no exception, same style lightweight body, 'F' hole, mother of pearl style pick guard, 2 x Maxon humbucker pickups which do give a great vintage sound. The neck and fretboard are maple and also, tuners are original greco, fret's are original and show little wear.

A great player considering a Fender from this era fetches around 8K plus, so at this price you cant go wrong.

The case is the hard plastic (grp) style so it protects the guitar well during transport.  

This is one great looking guitar from around 1972/4, you won't be disappointed at all. Recommended if you dont have the 8Kplus budget for the Fender.

EXC+ condition.



GRECO TELECASTER THINLINE ( 1972 to 74 approx )

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