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The first issue since the original Penguins in the 50's. Made in Japan either 93/94 as a tribute to the originals.

These don't feature the serial on the headstock as the much later issues did, these originally had it on a loose piece of paper in the compartment where the pot's are, but to avail, this is no longer with the guitar as many people pulled the serial paperwork out of there.


These did feature the Grover Imperial tuners which again are so different to the tuners of the 2000's models. The 4 knob's also featured a 'ruby' coloured stone on the face of the knob, of which 3 are missing as this guitar was used as a working stage guitar. ( we are trying to source 3 newer ones)

Overall in great condition, has the ebony fretboard, humpback pearl inlays. Gold sparkle everywhere, one great looking stage guitar for sure.

A great guitar and you almost see none of these from 93/94 available anywhere. in VGC+

If your looking for a vintage Gretsch Penguin but at a realistic price you cant go past this.

Also as a side note, these early japanese versions are highly desirable and super rare, last one I saw in denmark street london was 8k..!



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