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Here is a somewhat rare and vintage beautiful Ibanez Custom Agent from the mid 70's.


Over all the years that we've been buying and selling vintage guitars this is the first one that we've come across. Not 'seen' that much in Australia thats for sure.

This one is in VGC. and is all original as can be seen in the pics. What can you say about these, it has the Ibanez Super 70's pickups, stunning inlays on the body and fretboard, scrolled pickguard and original tuners etc.

The headstock has the features of the 'F' style mandolins, and also has great inlays. The body is multiboaund as is the fretboard, and the fretboard is rosewood as well.

This guitar is a rare one and if your a collector of guitars this is one you should have in your collection, it also makes a great stage guitar as where can you even see something like this.?

Overall in VGC and it comes with a new Gator case similar to the gibson cases.



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