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Every now and then some really great guitars come our way and this is one of those.

Not to be confused with the Takamine Koa parlour guitars that were made mid 90's, this one is at a different level.


Has the book matched KOA back and top, full abalone inlays around the sound hole as well as on the front sides of the guitar as seen on very high end Gibson and Martin Koa guitars.

Snow flake style inlays on the beautiful rosewood fretboard, split style headstock. Not to mention the CTP-1R electrics which includes the 'Cooltube' feature which is actually a small valve internally which can be seen easily. This is a stunning guitar and if your a collector, a professional or just someone who loves guitar and your on a more limited budget, you cant go wrong with this guitar. You are not going to be disappointed when you play this.

Overall in EXC++ condition. Comes with a non original slightly larger hard case.? Why you ask, divorce, she kept the guitar he kept the case.!!

Comes highly recommended.


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