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Very Rare-Between

50 & 200 of these were made*

*According to our research we've found out from varying sources that this is how many were approx. made?


If your looking for a vintage Japanese Strat this is one cool guitar. From the famous TOKAI factory is this 'THE STRAT' from around 1981. This is of course Tokai's version of the Fender 'The Strat'.

This one features 3 x 'U' stamped pickups, original pots and wiring and also has the stamped 'OW' inside donating that it's Olympic White and with the 'Matching Headstock'

These are quite sort after as it was considered a limited edition even in Japan. It does have an authentic Brazilian rosewood board which is great, dot inlays, brass hardware etc.

The knobs are stamped 'F' and there are two original knobs and 1 is an aftermarket knob.

It's also fitted with a brass tailpiece and saddles but the term. arm is missing.

Tuners are also original.

Overall one great sounding guitar and does come with what we believe to be its original case. VGC.


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