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Consignment Sales*

We do offer 'Consignment Sales' here at Rics Vintage where we act as "agent on behalf of the owner" to sell your instrument, whether your in Perth or anywhere in Australia we will look at what you've got to consign*.ID will be required. Usually a few pics and a brief description would be ok to view initially then once it arrives we'll authenticate it and give you an accurate price etc.

Yes, we buy guitars from all over Australia and from Overseas 

If your in Australia and from interstate we can look at your pictures and if were interested we'll get you to send it to us at your expense.

(Pack & Send usually around the $100 mark anywhere in Oz)

Once the guitar arrives it still need's a physical examination to verify it's authenticity etc. Payment happens within a few days to your nominated bank account. If it doesn't meet our requirements we will return it to you at our expense.


 If your from Overseas and you wish to sell a guitar to us that's not a problem, firstly send us a description & pics etc, we then will give you an estimate of it's value, we do not pay you until the guitar arrives here and it's undergone an inspection & authentication. Shipping to us will be at your expense but we can assist there, Once verified we let you know and pay you within a few days to your nominated bank account. It's as easy as that, should it not be as inspected/authenticated we'll let you know and at our expense will either send it back to you or renegotiate on the price etc. 

If you've just inherited a instrument from grandpa, or found one under the bed, the first this to do is : DON'T CLEAN IT...

Modern cleaners and old guitars etc don't go well together, just take a few pics, email and I'll get back to you usually within the same day.

If on the other hand you know all about instruments and guitars etc, send me an email including details such as make, model, year, colour, and marks etc etc....and I'll get back to you as well.

Were always on the lookout for Collectable and Player examples such as:

guitars, bass's, 5 string U.S.A. banjo's, mandolins, ukulele's and other vintage instruments and drum kit's such as Rogers, Ludwig, Slingerland, Gretsch, old & vintage amp's, parts...and keyboards such as Hammond & Leslie's, Farfisa, Vox, Ace-tone and portable Yamaha's etc. If you think you might have something we're be interested in please by all means let me know. 


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