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Every now and then we come across something special, this ORIGINAL 'MICHAEL SCHENKER' SIGNATURE guitar from ARIA PRO XX MS is one of these, very hard to find nowadays.


Michael now has a deal with dean guitars but in 1981 this was (is) the original one.

It features a rosewood fretboard, pointy headstock with aria tuners, dot inlays, 1 x standard Aria humbucker and 1 x 'Bill Lawrence' much desired L90 pickup from the early 80's installed in the bridge position.

Although not original to this guitar it's still a desirable pickup indeed which does nothing to distract from the coolness of this guitar. The body has now gone to that creme shade as so often seen with white guitars from the era, and the pick guard is in the opposite colouring to give it that black/white look. 

Overall a great sounding guitar and one that when you bring it to a UFO 'Schenker' meeting you will certainly stand out.

Comes with a new hard case and it's original ARIA soft case. vgc+++



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