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Just In: A very cool 12 string by EKO of Italy.


This is a very cool 12 string from the mid 60's. Made in Italy and built very strong to take that occasisional knock.

This one has just gone through a full set up and has a set of electric strings rather than the bronze style, reason is most are going to use this live and on stage through an amp so it's going to sound great, which it does. 

The finish is natural and has a rosewood fretboard with block inlays, of course it has the built in pickup which also has a tone and volume control. Pickguard is original as well.

All tuners are original etc and the frets are still in very good condition.

So, if your a traveler, a sailor or someone on a tight budget this would suit you. Does not come with a case.

Overall in very nice condition and shows some buckle rash on the back. 

Very nice indeed.!


EKO - Ranger 12 String Mid 60's ?

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