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Just in and Super Cool.

There's a video on youtube with DAVID BOWIE and EARL SLICK playing his Jorma Kaukonen, check it out.

We also have a video with the Epi played through a Vox AC30 from 1964.


After a couple of years searching we finally came across this great Epiphone Jorma Kaukonen signature model as used by legendary guitarist Earl Slick.

Earl has mentioned he loved the look of the guitar, loved the feel of the neck and it's weight overall, but didn't like the sound so told his guitar guy to update the electrics with a set of double creme pickups etc.

Well we did the same, using Martin A Smith pickups hand wound here in Perth and withe braided wiring and enclosed in wax plus the new set of high quality pot's, caps, wiring and witchcraft 3 way and jackplug.

So this guitar now is a 'killer' as the expression goes. Yes now it's a great guitar that you can use on stage, for recording or just relaxing at home. The features the double creme pickups and the neck pickup has the reverse magnet setting giving it that Peter Green effect.

The guitar is lighter than a 335 and the neck a slim/fast and is fully bound as well.

Comes with it's original Wammy by Epiphone and the pick-guard is the standard one fitted originally to the guitar, the case is also original.

What can I say, well, it's a great guitar in EXC++ Condition and if your looking for something different and at a great price this certainly will be one for you.

Made in Korea at the Peerless Factory.

Highly recommended.



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