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Another cool Fender Jazz bass from circa 1970 To '72 from it's serial.


Beautifully roadworn from many gig's this one's been under the bed for the past 30 years.

Has the desirable block inlays on the rosewood fretboard, and the neck even has some slight burl to it. 

Will go for a full setup and new strings etc if required but we can sell it as is, you let us know what you would like to do. It was photographed it how it came in.

The chrome covers are Fender but we believe are not original to this guitar? (could be new ones)

The rosewood fretboard is still in great condition as are the block inlays.

The neck is also fully bound. The pick guard is the tortoise shell style which is also original as are the knob's and all electrics. Tuners are all ok just have that 'been in the case' look to them.

The case is of course original to the bass and in pretty good condition.

Overall in VGC and recommended should you be searching for an early 70's bass. sound great even with the old rusty strings.

We can sell this either two ways: Firstly as is as described at $7995 or secondly fully cleaned/polished oiled, polished new strings etc etc and setup for $8395


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