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This is one pretty cool GOLD FENDER JAZZ BASS.

Fender Jazz bass with the very rare custom gold finish, produced between 81 and 84, also know as the American standard jazz bass, this one has a huge history having been played both on tour, on stage and as a recording bass.

This bass has travelled around the world more than I have..!

This one has sustain both in the neck and body when played which is a very desirable feature for players and for recording, the wear as can be seen has gone through to the timber on a couple of spots on the body, and on the neck the gloss finish has worn through giving it that required mojo that your looking for, overall in V.G.C. lot's of real player wear, lot's of history and lot's of vibe...can highly recommend this one, comes with a fender tweed style hard case that's still o.k. 



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