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A very nice Fender P bass Special with the matching headstock and in the Lake Placid Blue finish, a great example of a 1980 bass with the active/passive switch and 3 control knobs.


The hardware is in a gold finish and does show some wear but overall it still looks great. The pickguard is white as are the pickup covers so it looks quite stunning.

The thumb rest is also there as well. Fretboard is maple and it has the black dot inlays and the tuners are of course Fender and in gold finish.

Overall one very nice bass thats now around 42 years old and still looks and sounds great. There are a few demo's of these on youtube so check them out.

If your looking for a P bass that has the cool factor, this is it.

In EXC condition and come with a hard case which although is not a Fender one bit is of the same hard fibre glass/plastic type as used by Fender at the time and fit's/works well


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