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A very nice 75 Strat in sunburst.

This is a player grade guitar which has the bridge pickup replaced and has new Schaller tuners. Thats the bad news, now the good news...It plays really well and sounds great, so no problems there. If you wanted to, you could even find a 75 pickup online and replace the other.

Overall it's in nice condition, has the maple fretboard which has a very slim taper, black dot inlays, schaller tuners, pots are dated 75, original cap, original bridge and saddles.

It does show buckle rash on the back and some wear on the front and a few dings here and there. These 75 Strats values are going up and up, try and buy a telecaster from the 70's and you know these are next to go up.

So overall again, it's in VGC, has an original case and an original wammy bar.

Cool and priced to sell.



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