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The Fender Pearl White Anniversary model in a Factory Refinish.


A very cool factory finish Anniversary Stratocaster from 1979, in the pics you can see the original colour, the Pearl White which now has faded to a beautiful yellowish / creme colour.  

In my professional opinion yes a factory finish. The guitar has been hanging in someones house for many many years and now it's in our care till it has a new home.

A great playing guitar, first of the 4 bolt neck's in 79, black dot inlays, black pick guard and pickup covers, a real looker. It also has it's original case.

The tremelo arm and the backplate are not original to this guitar and appear to be aftermarket, but they do the job.

Fretboard is also in excellent condition as are the tuners and frets.  

A very cool guitar by Fender and great looking. in EXC+ condition.

Comes with a hard case.



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