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This is one cool looking Telecaster by Fender. Made in 1995 and the previous owner was a huge Jeff Beck fan so decided to make this Tele like Jeff's.


So thats how it ended up looking like this. For those interested if you search for a Jeff Beck fender tele, they are custom shop and priced at around the 30k in aussie dollars.

So, want a Jeff Beck Tele, well then look no further.This one has had a few mods including a Lindy Frallin neck pickup and lot's of bofy work mods as can be seen. The headstock also features a spaghetti Logo and the round string tree, the neck plate has no serial. Black pickguard, vintage style saddles etc etc. Now overall condition, well it's excellent, plays and sounds like a custom shop tele but without the pricetag.

This one cames with a non fender but fender style hard case.

Very recommended if your searching for that ultimate Tele..!



FENDER TELECASTER 1995 (Jeff Beck Styling)

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