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The 'GOTHIC PRINCE' FERNANDES BSV-70 1984 With those cool Cross Inlays

What a guitar.


A made in japan monster of a guitar, plays and sounds wicked, if your in a metal band or into goth music, this is the guitar you want to use on stage. It features the DOG FIGHTER pickups of the early 80's, the floating tremelo with the locking nut at the headstock.

One volume and one tone control. Three way selector switch. Rosewood fretbaord with cross inlays.

A very cool guitar, has a few dings here and there and a spot on the back where a sticker was removed and this took off part of the finish ( see pic).

No hard case just a soft vinyl guitar bag. Has just gone through a full setup including a fret level and polish, action and harmonics done, all parts polished that could be, looks amazing.

One cool guitar.



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