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Not something we see much of here in Oz. You might see the standard looking Warlock bass by BC RICH, but not too often one of these very cool basses from Fernandes.


This Confederate WB-95Y Bass overall is in VGC although both the lower bouts have a few chips in them as can be seen in the pics.

This is caused by putting the guitar on a hard surface instead of getting the right stand, from memory Hercules make great bass stands and it's worth getting one of those.

Back to the bass, the pickups are active/passive, but if you've played with an active bass you do get the extra drive which really suits this type of bass & style. The fretboard is rosewood and has nice diamond style inlays.

Headstock and tuners are in great condition. It does sound great through our 50's valve testing amp which we did crank up and Im quite impressed with this bass. Girls, this bass is reasonably light and it won't break you back.

Does not come with a hard case though, but does have a gig bag. A case is available though in Australia with a search online..

FERNANDES WARLOCK WB-95Y Confederate styling

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