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This great guitar features two double creme Dirty Finger pickups which is something you dont see everyday on a 335.

This CRR also features the 'coil tap' which then offer's more sound options by giving you that option to split the pickup coils. This is where Gibson came up with the CRR, or counrty, rock and rhythm. This option gives this 335 model a great selection of sound modes.

The guitar is in original condition but the stop tail is an aftermarket one, but the original is included in the case. The tuners, pots, pickups etc are all original.

The neck does show wear from playing but the fretboard and frets are in very good condition as are the block inlays etc.

The guitar comes with it's original case.

Overall I would say this guitar is in EXC. condition and is a great sounding guitar.

The finish of the guitar is in real nice condition as can be seen in the pics (other than the wear on the neck) and this would make an ideal 335 to add to your guitar collection. Vintage Gibson 335's are allways great guitars and prices are reasonable compared to buying a new one.

These CRR's especialy with two creme pickups are rarely seen especially here in Australia. 

For any more details please feel free to call or email me.

GIBSON ES-335 CRR 1980

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