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Another very cool Gibson ES-335 Pro has just arrived, this one features a very nice sunburst finish with almost no dings or any major scratches etc, overall the finish still shines and looks very nice. (see pics)

The pickups are the 'T' Top's which if you've ever played one with these you'll know exactly what I'm saying, if not check out a few video's on youtube.

These pickups are great and highly regarded by players, not only in the 335's but also in the Les Paul models from the 70's as well.

All electrics and pickups, wiring, pot's and switches are all original. The fretboard is in EXC. condition as are the dot inlays and the frets, which show almost no wear and are original. Tuners are original as well and the headstock inlay is also in great condition.

1970's 335's ( and 80's ) are now starting to creep up in value so now is the time to get into a 70's 335.

When comparing prices in Australia of new 335's versus vintage, you'll see that these are still very reasonable price wise for a beautiful vintage 335 thats some 44 years old.

The case is original as well and has a couple of stickers on the outside but it's still in great condition.

Overall, we highly recommend this very cool vintage ES-335.


GIBSON ES-335 PRO 1979

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