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Another beautiful GIBSON and Crazed Flying V.


At the time Gibson made the V-83, this one is from the same time but with the rosewood fretboard and the alternate control layout. 

So is it the V-83 ? Research has led me to believe yes it is a V-83.

This is one great playing guitar!

It features the 490R Alnico II magnet pickup in the neck and the Dirty Fingers at the bridge. This makes it one great sounding guitar. As can be seen in the pics it has had a lot of wear and crazing, some call this checking but it's the same thing. This also has the much rarer control layout normally seen on the custom shop models of the time.

The bridge is a Gibson ABR-1 with the wire. Pickup selector is the standard 3 way switch as well as two volume and one tone control. Fretboard is rosewood and has dot inlays. The headstock again features the rare straight across Logo rather than the slightly slanted one. It has also aged and crazed as well as has the back of the headstock. The neck has also crazed and has no breaks etc.

This is one great stage and/or studio guitar for the rock musician in you.

These 'V's of the 70's and early 80's are getting more and more expensive nowadays so here is a great opportunity to get into one that certainly has that vibe of the 80's.

Highly recommended.


GIBSON FLYING V-83 Model : 1984

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