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JUST IN: This GIBSON SG STANDARD 1996 'Almost Vintage'


This is in the cool black finsh and has two humbucker's, two tone and two volume knobs. Also has the three way switch.

Has a full pickguard and block inlays in the fretboard. Its also fully bound on the fretboard, tuners are original all it's in great condition. What is does have though is the bridge pickup has had corosion on it which you can see in the pics, this has been polished out as much as we can do, of course doesn't effect anything only the look.

Bridge and stop tail are original of course. Plus original brown Gibson hard case with the thick pink lining.

Overall its in great condition. So if your looking for something thats got a bit of age to it, this fit's the bill being 1996, thats 27 years old, not quite vintage but close.!


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