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JUST IN:  The Gibson Sonex 180 Deluxe


This is a very cool 1981 Gibson, you dont seem to see many of these here in Oz and especially in the faded white. This one has turned to the very desirable creme colour after many years of night club gig's. The finish has also crazed quite a bit but it is what it is. Pickups are Sonex and are marked, the pots are now japan 500k, the bridge and the stop tail are aftermarket japanese but Gibson ones are available here in Oz. Overall is one cool guitar etc and has the rosewood fretboard which does show some wear on several frets. so might need a refret in the future but is ok for now. Pickups are the zebra black and white and it has two tone and two volume switches as well as a 3 way selector. So, basically one very nice 80's Gibson that does play very well and sounds as it should, highly recommended if your on a budget but wants a vintage Gibson.

Comes with an ESP hard case.



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