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Get the Ricky look without the budget.

This is the Top of the range Greco RB-1000S circa mid 70's which at the time was the best that Greco had to offer for Bass guitars.


It features the rosewood fretboard with the crushed pearl shark tooth style inlays, 2 pickups which do sound great through the single output versus the 2 outputs that the Ricky has. The binding is the checker style which does really suit this bass.

The case is an original Greco of the period as well.

Overall an EXC+ condition bass that plays very well and if your on a limited budget but still love the Ricky shape then this will certainly do. At the time in Japan this was offered for sale at 100,000 yen which in the mid 70's was/is a lot so you know your getting a top of the line bass.

A very cool bass.


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