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These Japanese Vintage GRECO guitars were made early 70's and were Japans's answer to the Gibson era guitars and being American were so expensive in the early 70's in Japan.


  As a result they copied all famous guitars such as Gibson, Fender, Gretsch and how are these guitars you ask..?

The best way to say this is that they attain maybe 80% and some as much maybe as 95% of the sound quality of the early USA guitars and as such have gained a huge following over the years for those looking for 'vintage' sound quality but at a much reduced price.

This SG example is like the SG Deluxe, has the full pick guard, bound rosewood fretboard, block inlays and double ring tuners like the klussons of the era.

Finished in the cherry red this particular one has a few dings and scratches as can be seen in the photo's which dont effect the way it plays....I can truly say that I have always enjoyed playing a vintage Greco more so than playing a Chinese or Indonesian "guitar" which for the same price, a Japanese vintage guitars is far better value plus it has the sound quality your looking for.

The sound quality is there as would be expected, if your budget only allows you a certain amount of dollars your gonna enjoy this guitar.

In VGC and soft case at present.




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