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Now lets looks at this Real Vintage Gretsch' and Yes, Made in 1966 and with those magnificent pickups that sound so good..!


Firstly, I saw a used one of these in a music shop the other day, was 'Made in Japan' several years old and $3100 aud....

These are absolutely great guitars to play, lot's of selector pickup options, the classic mute selector, the cool walnut finish with the binding just falling off in places (see pics we have not made pic's of every section where the binding is cracked or damaged but as you can imagine there are several spot's)

Fretboard is rosewood, fully bound, painted on 'F' holes, vinyl cover scratch pad on the back, these are the rockabilly guitar you want to use and play live with, comes with it's original case, just had a full setup and fret polish as well VGC.



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