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The Guild Starfire VI, Re-introduced by Rics Vintage 2024.


This beautiful guitar has been with us for a couple of years, but it had a signature on it which some said detracted from it's allure. So, we decided to have the guitar polished and to remove 99% of traces of that signature.

Now, you can see the true beauty of this very cool guitar but at a certain angle and with the right angle of light there is still some 'inprint' left, but basically it's 99% gone.

(see pics)

These guitars are beautifully made by great craftsmen with lot's of care and attention.

This Starfire VI appears to be a custom order since it's black and the StarFire VI was normally sunburst or blonde and the occasional cherry. Also note the original Guild trapeze instead of the guild bigsby which is also custom ordered.

Overall this is one exceptional Starfire.

Pickups, pot's, tuners etc are all original to the guitar. The ebony bound fretboard has the beautiful MOP inlays with the Mexican abalone shell triangle inlays as well.

There is also a master volume.

The black finish has checked all over and the binding has become a stunning vintage yellow.

These guitars were made to compete with the gibson 335 and as such they do a great job compared with the 335 and you would not be dissapointed at all.

These are GREAT guitars which I highly recommend.

In excellent condition for a 48 year old guitar.

Pickguard is after market as is the case.



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