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I personally love the Maccaferri, I just feel there's something about them. I had a 1932 Selmer Maccaferri so yes I can truly appreciate these.


This one we picked up a while back and at that time the headstock & tuners were damaged beyond restoration, so a decision was made to install a new faceplate and once the headstock was opened up the tuners wear was evident so new banjo tuners were installed.  

We then had a beautiful mother of pearl faceplate made then the name / decals from the original were replaced making I think a great looking alternative to the damaged one..

This model G30 would usually have a nickle tailpiece but it was missing and an original could not be had so we decided to install a vintage style jazz tailpiece which I think works very well.

The body, front, back and sides were then polished and now it looks as one would expect. The back of the neck does have a couple of the white dot's missing but these are purely decorative and do not effect anything.

So what about the sound and how does it play you ask.?....well it plays as one would expect..great and it sounds like a real jazz box or amazingly it would make a great blues guitar.

In VGC+ and had some work yes but looks, sounds and plays great, Comes with a non original hard case



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