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Looking for a great present for someone who's got just about everything...well look no further..!!

If your looking for that collectable guitar that's quite different from your usual Strat's, Tele's or Les Paul's this is the one for you.

It has that real bluesey sound about it and it also has a great Gypsy Jazz feel & sound as well.

These are made circa early 50's and designed by the great and legendary maker Maccaferri himself. Designed as an alternative to the 'timber' guitars of the time sales were expected to be quite high, but alas, they weren't. Today some 70 years later these are very much desired and used in recording studio's for their unique sound... and desired by some great players and are in many great guitarists collections.

This particular one had a couple of tuner gears that were worn down and required us to get some new internal gears to be made, so now it's in pretty much 100% in great playable and collectable condition.

The finish was polished by hand and several scratches that were present are now gone.

Looks and feels fantastic...



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