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This is a very cool early Maton Goldline from 1963 +/_ (approx) as far as we can date it.

It has had a refinish to the dark midnight blue sometime in the mid 80's, but was missing the 'goldline' on the side. We decided to have this put back on recently and it was done with relicking in mind so that it looks like it was done at the same time in the 80's.

We think it came up nice, well it looks the part anyway.

If your a Maton Lover and you wanted to refinish it again, this is an ideal project for you, it was originally Olive Green.

So how does it play, well great, it sound like a 70's Tele with those cool early 60's vibe pickups. The pickguard is cracked and the 3 way selector has been moved. Also bridge is aftermarket as are the tuners.

But it's a great early 60's Maton and a bargain at this price.


Now pictured is also a Maton Amp from 1963 which we have as well, these can be bought as a pair, we'll also offer a $250 discount off the tag price for a sale of both if it can be delived in Perth, or free shipping if your over east.

Would be great to have the two early 60's Matons as a matched pair.

Come with a non original hard case.


MATON GOLDLINE 1963 Refinished

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