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Here is one extremely rare MATON MESSIAH in the Brazilian Rosewood which as we know is considered the most prized timber that a guitar can be built from.


So how rare is it, well Ive done an extensive search for another one and found nothing, except for Cliff Richard's one that he used to own.

So how good is it, again it's incredible, if you've played acoustic guitars most of your life and get the opportunity to pay a Brazilian one, go for it, you'll never regret it. What the difference is is very hard to describe, the best way that I can though is that imagine the best acoustic you've played, then add that 5%, this is what makes the difference.

If your a professional player, a collector, or someone who wants the very best, look no further, this is it.

The guitar itself is in VGC, Brazilian rosewood back and sides (solid not veneer) ebony fretboard, snow flake inlays, Brazilian rosewood bridge and pins with MOP inlay, Brazilian rosewood veneer on the head-stock with Maton inlaid in mop. Top is Bavarian maple. Original Grover tuners, multi bound top and back in tortoise shell style binding, neck heel has tortoise shell style binding, and the end pin has a MOP dot as well...Yes so much, plus original Maton Tag and price tag from 1980...$1450, wish you could go back in time

Original Maton case but the case handle was missing so it's getting a newer type handle installed, that's why no pics of the case as yet. Inquiries via phone welcome or by email.

MATON MESSIAH AUG. 1980 Rare Brazillian Rosewood.!

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