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Newly arrived is this great Thunderbird Bass by Orville BY GIBSON.


This model is the 'By Gibson' one with the 'G' serial, research says that the G serials were equipped with Gibson Electrics as in pickups etc.

The body was made in Japan and as can be seen in the pics the standard of build of this bass is very high. The bass arrived without a case and as such had a small crack around the headstock, but not a break. We took this to our Luthier and he suggested that we fix this so that there would be no problems future wise. As such we'll warranty the bass against any headstock damage for 6 month's from the purchase date .

The bass is now  100% and you dont need to worry about anything. We've ordered an aftermarket case which should arrive very soon. Overall the bass looks so cool and plays great, sound wise your not going to be disappointed at all. Has the rosewood fretboard, two great pickups, the larger tuners 2 x volume and 1 x tone selectors.

Overall in VGC. (Does now have the hard case)



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