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A very pretty Hawaiian guitar from circa 1925 as made by Oscar Schmidt company. 


In very original condition except for the tuners which were replaced some time ago but with tuners that look the part. Has the Original Gold style patterns on the fretboard showing the way & notes of the guitar when played in the Hawaiian style, this in itself is quite rare to find as nearly all this has been removed.

Some people get these and lower the nut so that they can play these just like a standard guitar, well that choice is your's but for me I would keep it it's original condition.

A very cool collectable guitar thats 95 years old and at a very reasonable price. Also, a real conversation piece even if your collection is valuable something like this many people love to see. The case although looks like a 'hard case' is quite soft so I would recommend another case as it's not the original case anyway.

Overall I think a great guitar in VGC++ condition


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