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Rarely seen in Oz are these Roland synth guitars from the 80's.


This particular one's home was originally in Canada before being shipped to Oz many years ago.

This one is the all 'black' synth guitar with 2 x humbucker pickups, 3 way selector with a master volume and tone selector. The other controls are all for the synth.

When plugged in with the synth controller is really what this guitar is about and for those interested there are many demo's on youtube including a funny one by our friends at Chicago music exchange...a bunch of great guys. So check out all the demo's and you'll get a very good understanding of what this guitar is all about.

The controller comes in a aluminium not 'aluminum' lol flight case and includes the 2 handbooks as well as a couple of pages demo'ing certain sound setting available, it also had 2 x memory blocks included as well as all necessary cables, it is 110 volt's but if your in Oz it will come with the 240v convertor.

The guitar comes with it's very desirable 'hot pink' lined case

Overall a very cool find for Australia and available now exc+ condition



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