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These electric piano's date from the early 80's, actually it's the first electric piano Yamaha made.

The CP-10 is or has more of a feel like an organ as the keys are not weighted. It has 2 piano settings and 2 harpsichord settings, a sustain and vibrato, these analogue keyboards offer sounds typical of the 80's.

This one also is the light version in as such as it weight's only around 10kg or so, 12 in the case which is included as well as the foot switch.

A great keyboard electric piano and now around 40 years old.

Overall in VGC. Stand not included.

For shipping see our 'Shipping Details' section.


  • Amplifiers and Keyboards we do not ship in general.


    What we suggest is that you contact Pack & Send packing services directly and deal with them.


    We will deliver to Pack & Send for you at no cost.


    For Amplifiers and Keyboards, all sales are final and any difficulties that you may encounter with shipping shall be between you and your assigned shipper, not Rics Vintage Guitars.


    Orders placed from Monday to Friday shall in general be packed within 48 hours and shipping shall take place when either shipper picks up. These details are beyond our control and lie directly with the shipper as do shipping times.


    For all questions please contact us directly at 0408923114 or email us at

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